Head of the Hooch Update

The team headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee the first weekend of November for Head of the Hooch. After an unfortunate fog delay, the races eventually got underway. The Championship 8+ secured gold, beating out 11 other elite crews. The Club 8+ raced to a close second, clocking a faster time than 33 other crews. We raced two boats in the College and Club 4+, with one finishing third and one finishing twelfth. We also raced two boats in the Championship 4+, finishing third and tenth. The Novice 8+ finished seventh, beating 22 crews. Finally, we secured both silver and bronze in the Alumni 8+. It was a great showing by the whole team, but now we are looking ahead to winter training in preparation for spring season.  

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Head of The Charles Update

UNC Men's Crew started off the fall season on October 22 at Head of the Charles in Boston, Massachusetts. The Collegiate 4+ raced to gold, setting a course record, while the Collegiate 8+ secured the team's best Charles finish in recent memory. These finishes marked the start of a historic fall season for the team. 

Collegiate 8+ - Caroline Wooten (Coxswain), Tyler Fox (8), Elijah Allen (7), Michael Daw (6), Jackson Cyrier (5), William Blanks (4), Alexander (Mac) Warwick (3), Mike Navarro (2), Robert Smith (1)

Collegiate 4+ - Alyssa Sutton (Coxswain), Philip Simons (4), Chase Fenske (3), Jonathon Sewell (2), Elliot Shain (1)

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Fall 2017

We have updated our fall racing schedule with everywhere we will be competing this season! Additionally, our roster and tentative spring schedule have been posted! 

Spring Schedule

Our spring schedule has been updated! Be sure to check it out for a list of regattas, dates, and locations.  We're looking forward to a great spring season.

Row Heels!

Parent's Weekend

All Parents, friends, and family are welcome to come out for Parent's Weekend, this Saturday September 24. It will be at the Boathouse on University Lake from 10-12.  Come join us for some rowing, snacks, and fun!

Welcome 2016 - 2017 Prospective Rowers!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Fall Fest last night! We had a lot of great interest last night from a number of rowers and coxswains. If you put your email down on our listserve sign-up sheet, you can expect an email in the coming day with reminders regarding interest meetings and the boathouse tour this Saturday.

Every year we look for driven and competitive students to build the next generation of Carolina rowers. We are one of the few clubs on campus that offer a chance to compete in a legitimate Collegiate National Championship against universities across the nation.  We travel up and down the East Coast as far as Boston, MA to compete in the Head of the Charles, the largest collegiate regatta in the World, and Philadelphia, PA to race on the Schuylkill River, a world renowned venue. We do not require any experience for incoming novice rowers, and have a professional coaching staff that will teach you the sport from the ground up.

We highly recommend that you come out to one of our interest meetings, regardless of how interested you might be in rowing. Here, we will give you an idea of what to expect as a rower for your Novice year, as well as go over why we believe you should row for UNC. You only have to attend ONE interest meeting however. You are welcome to come to as many as you like, however we will be going over the same information at each session. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions to the current Varsity rowers and the coaching staff.

Furthermore, we highly recommend you come down to the Boathouse Tour on Saturday, August 27th. We will pick you up from either Hojo or the Old Well, depending on where you are on campus, at 11am and 1pm. We will have rowers stationed at both locations 15 minutes beforehand so look out for them. At the tour, we will show you where we row on University Lake, and let you hop into a boat and see what we are all about. We will also be holding some short sprint competitions on the rowing machine, known as the erg, and will be handing out shirts to the top times we see.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us. You can contact us at uncmenscrewexec@gmail.com, or talk to us directly at the meetings. We will be handing out fliers in the Pit all week, so if you see us make sure to say hello.

We hope to see you all out there at the interest meetings and the Boathouse Tour!

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ACRA All-American Announcement

We are proud to announce that three of our athletes have been recognized by the American Collegiate Rowing Association as All-American's for the 2015-2016 season. This is the highest level of recognition given to athletes, and demonstrates an incredible level of impact that each athlete was able to make for their respective team. All-American awardees are as follows:

Elliot Shain: 2016 Second Team All-American

Phoebe Castelblanco (cox): 2016 Third Team All-American

Tyler Souza: 2016 All-Freshmen

Once again, we would like to congratulate all three of these athletes for an amazing season!!!

ACRA All-Region Announcement

The UNC Men's Crew Club is proud to announce the recognition of three of our oarsmen and one of our coxswains as ACRA All-Region South recipients. The award was given to athletes who displayed outstanding physical ability on the water/erg as well as excellent leadership ability in the South Region of ACRAs, and was determined by a panel of coaches. The recipients include:

Austin Fentress         Chapin Nutter        Elliot Shain        Phoebe Castelblanco (cox)

From Left: Elliot Shain, Chapin Nutter, Austin Fentress, Phoebe Castelblanco (cox)

From Left: Elliot Shain, Chapin Nutter, Austin Fentress, Phoebe Castelblanco (cox)


All oarsmen are first time recipients of the award. This is Phoebe's second All-Region award, and she was recognized as second-team All-American in 2015. All-American distinction will be determined in the coming days.

Thank You Seniors!

Lake Lanier, GA - This year, the UNC Men's Crew Club proudly graduates five senior oarsmen. Four of these amazing gentlemen have rowed with the team their entire time at UNC, with the fifth capping off his third incredible year. We thank these men for all the contributions and sacrifices they made for this club, and we wish them all the luck in the world with their endeavors going forward. To the seniors, please do not become strangers.

From Left: Fred Porter, Hunter Ripberger, Chapin Nutter, Austin Fentress, Daniel Mattox

Heels Cap a Great Season by Defying Expectations at the ACRA National Championship

Lake Lanier, GA - Coming into the American Collegiate Rowing Association's National Championship, the most important weekend for crew clubs across the nation, the Tarheels were not ranked to compete with the top crews. The Junior Varsity 8 and the Varsity 8 were seed 7th and 8th in their respective events, which would have them rounding out an 8-boat Grand Final. Once the final came around however, both crews defied these expectations and solidified 4th place finishes to cap off their seasons. This result in the Varsity 8 matches last year's as the best ever for UNC at ACRAs. The Junior Varsity 8 placed one place higher this year than they did in 2015, marking their best placement at ACRAs as well.

Despite a slow start in the Grand Final race, the Junior Varsity 8, stroked by senior Fred Porter, showed incredible base speed to roll past the field. Entering the final 500m, they had walked down four other crews from UMass, Minnesota, Boston College, and Bucknell. They finished with a time of 6:13.975, well ahead of the next crew in Minnesota at 6:17.655. Unfortunately they were unable to catch three very quick crews in Michigan, Virginia, and UCSB, who finished first, second, and third in the event respectably.

The Varsity 8 also had a slow start to their race, but were able to quickly recover. Entering the 1000m half-way mark, the Tarheels had fought back to draw even with crews from Orange Coast, Grand Valley, and Purdue, while maintaining contact on Virginia in third place. The fight continued through the next 500m until the Heels executed an incredible final sprint, leaving Purdue and Orange Coast far behind and surging ahead of a fast Grand Valley crew that had beaten them at last years ACRAs. The Heels finished the race half a boat up on Grand Valley (6:02.242), and seats of open water on Orange Coast (6:04.519) and Purdue (6:04.663) with a time of 6:01.087. Although they were closing distance, the Heels ran out of room and finished with overlap on  on Virginia (5:58.346).

The Novice 8 drew a hard heat on Saturday, and fought to the bitter end to just barely miss out on a Top 2 finish, which would have been enough to send them directly to the Grand Final. The race came down to the wire, but Virginia (6:12.027) was able to beet the Heels (6:12.318) out by under three-tenths of a second. Exhausted from the first race, the Heels were unable to perform in Reps, and moved on to the Petite finals on Sunday. The crew bounced back however and stormed ahead of the field, placing first in their final race.

Finally, the Heels had two small sculling boats that were racing in their first regattas ever in their respective categories. The 2x (Parker Ballner, Daniel Valder) were performing exceptionally well until they hit cross-wake, which ended up flipping them and another crew as they were going down the course. Unfortunately, this sealed their fate and sent them to the Petite Finals on Sunday. The boys responded incredibly strong however, and marched in front of the field to win their petite. The 1x (John Coletta) fought hard through heats and Reps, and went to the Petite Finals for his event. In an eight-boat race, he crossed the line in fourth place to cap off his season.

Row Heels!

Two Weeks to Dad Vails

It's finally May, final exams are in full swing, and Championship Season is upon us. In ten days time the team will travel to Philadelphia, PA for the Dad Vail Championship Regatta. The team will face many of the top collegiate clubs in the nation, including ACRA rivals Michigan and Virginia, along with varsity programs such as Temple, Drexel, and last year's winner Florida Institute of Technology.

The venue for Dad Vail is held along Kelly Drive and the Schuylkill River. Over the weekend, the area will be transformed with trailers from clubs across the nation, as well as vendors, food options, etc. For spectators, grand stands are located looking over the finish line, and include a wide view of the entire race course. Most of the grand stands are also in the shade so you do not have to suffer the glaring summer sun. For those that cannot attend, the Finals on Saturday, May 14th will be broadcast on ESPN3 (ESPNs online streaming service), so you will not have to miss any of the action!

Last year, the team had a very strong showing at Dad Vails, featuring a Grand Finals appearance by the Junior Varsity 8 and a Petite Finals appearance in a highly competitive field by the Varsity 8. We hope to see this success continue on into this season. Its gonna get exciting!

We hope to see you all out there in Philadelphia from the 13th to the 14th! Feel free to stop by the tent to say hi!

As always,

Row Heels

SIRA Championship Results

Full Results Here

This past weekend, the team traveled to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to compete in the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships. The Novice Lightweight 4+ excelled this weekend with a nail-biting bronze medal finish with a time of 7:31.23, outlasting the University of Tennessee with a time of 7:32.65. The Varsity Lightweight 4+, stroked by junior oarsman Chrsitian Lochbaum, also made it to Grand Finals, however fell just short of a bronze medal. Despite hard fought battles in semi-finals by the Varsity 4+ and Varsity 8+, both crews ended up in petite finals, falling just short in highly competitive races. Both boats were able to rebound and surged ahead to win their finals! The novice 4+ ended with a fifth place finish in petite finals out of a field of 30 boats.

From left: Parker Ballner, Daniel Valder, Zoe Sparks, Jared Noble, and Jon De Tulio with their medals following a third place finish in the Novice Lightweight 4+.

From left: Parker Ballner, Daniel Valder, Zoe Sparks, Jared Noble, and Jon De Tulio with their medals following a third place finish in the Novice Lightweight 4+.

Following a new format, all crews competed in time trials Saturday morning, and were then seeded into later events based on their performance. Despite this added wrinkle, all crews advanced on to the next round of competition. The Varsity Lightweight 4+ and the Novice Lightweight 4+ both advanced straight to Grand Finals with 5th place finishes in time trials. The Varsity 8+, Varsity 4+, Novice 8+, and Novice 4+ all advanced to semi-finals. The Novice 8+, stroked by freshmen oarsman Tyler Souza, excelled in time trials with a stellar second fastest time, and the Varsity 4+ had the sixth overall fastest time.

In semi-finals, the Novice 8+ got second with a time of 6:38.10, just behind first place Delaware with a time of 6:34.45, and edging out Purdue with a time of 6:39.71. All three of these boats advanced to the Grand Finals. In Grands, the boys raced hard but unfortunately ended with a sixth place finish, falling behind some powerful Novice crews.

The Varsity 4+, led by seniors Fred Porter and Daniel Mattox, were in a highly competitive semi, and were neck-and-neck with Marietta College the whole way. In the end, Marietta edged UNC out by only 0.65 seconds. Both crews fell behind eventual Gold Medalist Georgia Tech. With top 2 to advance to Grand Finals, the V4+ moved on to petites. The boys rebounded well and took the petite final by storm, winning the race and beating second place finisher Central Florida by 2.92 seconds.

The Varsity 8+ had a strong showing in semi-finals, and raced side-by-side with Virginia and Purdue for 1500 meters. Despite a hard fought battle, the crew fell just short with a time of 6:12.23, with Purdue at 6:07.72, and Virginia at 6:05.61. The crew moved on to petites, but were able to get their revenge against a very fast Marietta Crew. In a nail-biter race, the boys edged out the Marietta Crew by 0.77 seconds to win their final. Both crews dominated the rest of the final, with Notre Dame, the next fastest crew, coming in over 7 seconds later.

Next up for the Heels is Dad Vail Championships, which will be held May 13th and May 14th in Philadelphia, PA on the Schuylkill River.

Row Heels!

New Website!

We are very excited to announce the launching our brand new website! As our previous website became older, we felt that it was becoming difficult for you, the dedicated fan/parent/alumni/future rower, to interact with us, and vice versa. This new site will allow us to more easily keep you updated on the team as our season progresses, and also allow you to explore our roster, schedule, and what it is like to row a season for UNC Men's Crew. Feel free to look around!

As always, Row Heels!

Spring Break is Here

After many dark days in the erg room, the team is ready to shake off the cobwebs and hop back into some boats. The team will remain in Chapel Hill throughout spring break training. However, their practice grounds will shift from the friendly confines of University Lake to Jordan Lake, a 20 minute drive from campus. The team will practice twice a day to gear up for the fast approaching spring racing season. Luckily, the weather this year looks fantastic with temperatures in the 70's forecasted for every day! Time for the team to get some sun!

As always, Row Heels!

Spring Racing Schedule Announced!

We have finalized our racing schedule for the upcoming 2016 spring season! The team will unofficially kick off the season after Spring Break will a scrimmage against the University of Columbia Lightweight team. The following week, we will travel to Philadelphia for the Murphy Cup, this year to be held on the Schuykill River! The local Millikan Cup will be held later this year on April 23rd to accommodate the team's busy schedule early Spring. Championship Season starts off with SIRAs in Tennesse, Dad Vails in Philadelphia, and finally ending in Gainesville for the ACRA Championship on May 28-29. Hope to see you out there!

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