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This past weekend, the team traveled to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to compete in the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships. The Novice Lightweight 4+ excelled this weekend with a nail-biting bronze medal finish with a time of 7:31.23, outlasting the University of Tennessee with a time of 7:32.65. The Varsity Lightweight 4+, stroked by junior oarsman Chrsitian Lochbaum, also made it to Grand Finals, however fell just short of a bronze medal. Despite hard fought battles in semi-finals by the Varsity 4+ and Varsity 8+, both crews ended up in petite finals, falling just short in highly competitive races. Both boats were able to rebound and surged ahead to win their finals! The novice 4+ ended with a fifth place finish in petite finals out of a field of 30 boats.

From left: Parker Ballner, Daniel Valder, Zoe Sparks, Jared Noble, and Jon De Tulio with their medals following a third place finish in the Novice Lightweight 4+.

From left: Parker Ballner, Daniel Valder, Zoe Sparks, Jared Noble, and Jon De Tulio with their medals following a third place finish in the Novice Lightweight 4+.

Following a new format, all crews competed in time trials Saturday morning, and were then seeded into later events based on their performance. Despite this added wrinkle, all crews advanced on to the next round of competition. The Varsity Lightweight 4+ and the Novice Lightweight 4+ both advanced straight to Grand Finals with 5th place finishes in time trials. The Varsity 8+, Varsity 4+, Novice 8+, and Novice 4+ all advanced to semi-finals. The Novice 8+, stroked by freshmen oarsman Tyler Souza, excelled in time trials with a stellar second fastest time, and the Varsity 4+ had the sixth overall fastest time.

In semi-finals, the Novice 8+ got second with a time of 6:38.10, just behind first place Delaware with a time of 6:34.45, and edging out Purdue with a time of 6:39.71. All three of these boats advanced to the Grand Finals. In Grands, the boys raced hard but unfortunately ended with a sixth place finish, falling behind some powerful Novice crews.

The Varsity 4+, led by seniors Fred Porter and Daniel Mattox, were in a highly competitive semi, and were neck-and-neck with Marietta College the whole way. In the end, Marietta edged UNC out by only 0.65 seconds. Both crews fell behind eventual Gold Medalist Georgia Tech. With top 2 to advance to Grand Finals, the V4+ moved on to petites. The boys rebounded well and took the petite final by storm, winning the race and beating second place finisher Central Florida by 2.92 seconds.

The Varsity 8+ had a strong showing in semi-finals, and raced side-by-side with Virginia and Purdue for 1500 meters. Despite a hard fought battle, the crew fell just short with a time of 6:12.23, with Purdue at 6:07.72, and Virginia at 6:05.61. The crew moved on to petites, but were able to get their revenge against a very fast Marietta Crew. In a nail-biter race, the boys edged out the Marietta Crew by 0.77 seconds to win their final. Both crews dominated the rest of the final, with Notre Dame, the next fastest crew, coming in over 7 seconds later.

Next up for the Heels is Dad Vail Championships, which will be held May 13th and May 14th in Philadelphia, PA on the Schuylkill River.

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