It's finally May, final exams are in full swing, and Championship Season is upon us. In ten days time the team will travel to Philadelphia, PA for the Dad Vail Championship Regatta. The team will face many of the top collegiate clubs in the nation, including ACRA rivals Michigan and Virginia, along with varsity programs such as Temple, Drexel, and last year's winner Florida Institute of Technology.

The venue for Dad Vail is held along Kelly Drive and the Schuylkill River. Over the weekend, the area will be transformed with trailers from clubs across the nation, as well as vendors, food options, etc. For spectators, grand stands are located looking over the finish line, and include a wide view of the entire race course. Most of the grand stands are also in the shade so you do not have to suffer the glaring summer sun. For those that cannot attend, the Finals on Saturday, May 14th will be broadcast on ESPN3 (ESPNs online streaming service), so you will not have to miss any of the action!

Last year, the team had a very strong showing at Dad Vails, featuring a Grand Finals appearance by the Junior Varsity 8 and a Petite Finals appearance in a highly competitive field by the Varsity 8. We hope to see this success continue on into this season. Its gonna get exciting!

We hope to see you all out there in Philadelphia from the 13th to the 14th! Feel free to stop by the tent to say hi!

As always,

Row Heels