We have a whole slew of events the first two weeks of the fall to get you up to speed and rowing right away, which are listed below. Everything starts at 5 PM, so just make sure to pay attention to where we are meeting! These dates, times and locations are also on the flyer if you received one:

Sunday 8/18: Find us at Fallfest!

Monday 8/19: Interest Meeting (5-6PM) Union Room 2420

Tuesday 8/20: Interest Meeting (5-6PM) Union Room 2420

Wednesday 8/21: Learn to Erg (5-6PM) Woolen Gym

Thursday 8/22: Boathouse Run and Learn to Row (5-6:30PM) Meet at Woolen Gym @ 5PM

Friday 8/23: Learn to Row (5-6:30) Boathouse, Meet at ROTC bus stop @ 5PM

Wednesday 8/28: Interest Meeting (5-6PM) Union Room 2420

Tall Athlete -AND- Those Tough Enough to Make a Difference

Every year, UNC Men's Crew searches across campus for students willing to represent Carolina rowing on the national stage. We look for students of all sizes and athletic backgrounds as it is impossible to determine one's true potential in rowing before they even try it. Most people on our team had never touched an oar prior to their novice year. Navigate through the tabs below for a breakdown of everything a rower can expect throughout the novice year from early recruitment to competing for a national championship at the end of May.

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Fall Recruitment

The rowing season begins as soon as the dorms on campus open. Not physically of course, however this first week is a critical time for our team, and can determine our chances at winning a championship for the rest of the season. The first major recruitment event is Fall Fest, which is a club extravaganza that shuts down all of South Road for one night before school starts. Worried about finding us? Every group of rowers will be holding 12 ft oars, so we'll be easy to spot over the crowd. Feel free to come talk to us! We are all very happy to share our experiences with the sport and can give you information on upcoming information sessions. 

Did you miss us at Fall Fest? We'll be handing out flyers all throughout the week in the Pit as well as in front of the SRC. Stop by on your way to class to pick one up!

Our recruitment season includes three interest meetings that will be held at designated times (check your flyers!). There, we will give you all the information necessary about how our team operates, what to expect, etc. This is the perfect time to ask any questions or concerns you have before wanting to commit to our team. Varsity team members will be in attendance, and likely many have been in the same situation or had the same concerns as you do.

Size Does NOT Matter

The old adage in rowing is that in order to be successful, you must be tall, lean, and athletic. Over the years our team has found this to not be the full truth. Many of our most impactful rowers are under 6 ft tall (if you don't believe me, check out our Roster). It is also highly common to see novices gain tremendous amounts of muscle mass even over their first few months as their bodies adapt to the sport. Success in rowing is never measured by someone's physical stature. The best rowers are the ones who are mentally tough enough to make a difference, as well as those who are willing to put in the work to constantly improve both in and out of practice.

First Few Weeks

The first few weeks of rowing will be centered around learning the sport. Rowing is a highly technical sport that requires an incredibly unique skill-set. Many people find it easy to pick up, yet mastering it takes years. Many of the varsity members will tell you they still have a lot to learn, so it is important to develop a good base in the sport during your novice year. Practices will be fairly short and very time-manageable as we understand you're transitioning into college.

During this time-period, you will be introduced to the outdoor, on-the-water portion of rowing (the boathouse, the rowing shells, etc) as well as the indoor, rowing machine focused aspect. Every rower picks up the rowing stroke at a different pace, so it may seem slow (or fast) at first. However, eventually the sport will increase in pace and the rows will begin to cover more distance.

Every rower has one year of eligibility as a novice as soon as they compete in their first race. This way, first-year rowers will compete against other first-year rowers at programs across the country in events separate from the Varsity events. Any sophomore, junior, or senior rowing for their first year in college will be on the novice team, not the varsity team. After your novice year, you will automatically be moved up to the varsity team. Click on A Year of Crew below to learn more about your first year!

Interest Form

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